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What is the Value of Your Fence to Your Home?

What is the Value of Your Fence to Your Home? Your home’s fence is not only good for privacy, it’s also good for sealing in your homes’ individual style. If you plan on moving or selling your home, the way your fence looks could be the deciding factor in how quickly your home sells and how long it remains on the market. So just what is it about your fence that makes it so instrumental to [...]

5 Ways You Can Prepare for Retirement

Retirement is something that everyone looks forward to and can’t help but think about, no matter how far down the line they have to go before they can actually retire in the senior living lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 40 or even 20, it’s never too early for you to start planning for retirement. If you’re part of the younger generation, then starting to put back money is a good place to start, [...]

Reckless Driving Has Serious Consequences; You Need a Good Lawyer

There are numerous instances that can lead to a reckless driving ticket. Whatever the reasons are, you might find yourself in a whole lot of trouble once you’ve been caught speeding or performing other acts of reckless driving. What are the potential consequences? In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a conviction of a traffic citation violation can result in several actions: A negative report on your driving record A certain number of demerit points, assigned according to the severity of [...]

What is Herbalism and How can I Practice it in My Home?

Herbalism is the ancient art of promoting health and healing through the use of plants, trees, fungi, and other growing things. For centuries herbalism was practiced at home; recipes and remedies were passed down through families or shared among friends and neighbors. Today, herbalism is experiencing a resurgence of popularity as a result of increasing interest in alternative forms of medicine.   The History of Herbalism Treating illness and injury is an age-old concern. Humans have tried many [...]

The Environmental Benefits of Oysters

Those with a taste for seafood know that oysters are a delicious way to partake in the wonderful bounty nature has to offer. Along with their delectable taste, oysters also provide a host of health benefits, from enhancing the immune system to reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition to the many obvious health benefits, oyster populations actually play an integral role in maintaining an underwater ecosystem. Many oyster farms are key in keeping the [...]

The ABCs Of Choosing Kitchen Skylights

Many homeowners have found that major remodeling and home improvements have had to be put on hold these days. But that shouldn’t discourage homeowners from tackling smaller, less expensive home improvement projects. In fact, there are some small changes that can be made which can even save homeowners money in the long run. An Alternative to Windows There are many costs associated with replacing windows or in adding more windows to the kitchen. Some of the obstacles [...]